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Mag4C Capture & Concentration of Viruses

Model Item Name- Price
MAG4C-AD Mag4C-AD Kit for Adenoviruses

MAG4C-LV Mag4C-LV Kit for Lentiviruses/Retroviruses

MSR1000 Magnetic Separation Rack for Mag4C Kits

Mag4C Capture & Concentration of Viruses

The Mag4C kits are designed for magnetic virus concentration. These kits are specifically developed for capturing, concentrating and storing adenoviruses or lentiviruses and retroviruses. Each kit includes 3 reagents optimized for Magnetic Capture/Concentration, Elution or Conservation of viruses. Mag4C magnetic nanoparticles capture viruses by electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions in culture media with 80-99% efficiency. Once captured onto magnetic beads, viruses can be: 

  • Concentrated and stored with the Conservation Buffer
  • Concentrated and eluted from the magnetic beads with the Elution Buffer followed by storage with the Conservation Buffer, or used for other assays. 

The Mag4C kits must be used with a Magnetic Separation Rack, which can be purchased separately or in combination with the Mag4C kit.