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Mag4C Capture & Concentration of Viruses

MAG4C-AD - Mag4C-AD Kit for Adenoviruses


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Mag4C-Ad is designed for magnetic capture and concentration, elution and conservation of Adenoviruses.
This kit is composed of magnetic beads and two types of buffers. Mag4C-Ad magnetic nanoparticles capture viruses by electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions in culture media with 80-99% efficiency. Once captured onto magnetic beads, viruses can be:
  • Concentrated and stored with the Conservation Buffer
  • Concentrated and eluted from the magnetic beads with the Elution Buffer followed by storage with the Conservation Buffer, or used for other assays. 
The Conservation Buffer is fully compatible with magnetic nanoparticles so that viruses bound to magnetic beads can be diluted directly into the buffer for long term storage. This kit must be used with a magnetic separation rack.
Figure 1: Protocol. Captured viruses can be concentrated or eluted and then concentrated.
Figure 2: Mag4C beads efficiently capture viral particles. Supernatants (SN) are nearly non infectious (absence of virus) whereas the concentrated virus bound to the Mag4C beads are highly infectious.
Figures 3, 4: Magnetic separation rack. This rack can hold can hold 12 standard microtubes, two 15ml tubes or two 50ml tubes.


  • Concentrates viruses by magnetic capture in 30-45 minutes
  • High yield of viral capture and recovery
  • Magnetic beads do not need to be processed before capture
  • Avoids ultracentrifugation, precipitation and chemicals; reduces handling steps of viruses
  • Suitable for all conditions and viruses
  • Improves virus stability under storage conditions
  • Ideal for cell culture infection with Magnetofection™ technology


  • Fast capture, concentration and conservation of adenoviruses and AAV


ATK11200 (20 captures)

  • Mag4C-Ad beads, 0.2ml
  • Elution Buffer 1x, 5ml
  • Conservation Buffer 5x, 0.2ml

AKC11200 (100 captures)

  • Mag4C-Ad beads, 1ml
  • Elution Buffer 1x, 5ml
  • Conservation Buffer 5x, 1ml