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Magnetofection Magnetic Transfection

FLUOMAG - FluoMag Red Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagent, 100µl


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FluoMag Transfection Reagents are fluorescently-labeled magnetic nanoparticles for Magnetofection applications. They are as efficient as their non-labeled counterparts and allow the visualization of the nanoparticles in vitro during an experiment. FluoMag must be used with a magnetic plate.
Each FluoMag reagent corresponds to a different magnetofection reagent:
  • FluoMag-C - corresponds to CombiMag (transfection reagent enhancer)
  • FluoMag-N - corresponds to NeuroMag (neuron transfection)
  • FluoMag-P - corresponds to PolyMag (DNA transfection reagent)
  • FluoMag-S - corresponds to SilenceMag (siRNA delivery)
  • FluoMag-V - corresponds to ViroMag (viral transduction)
Figure 1: NIH-3T3 transfection with FluoMag-P and pEGFP plasmid DNA. NIH-3T3 cells (5x104 cells/well), growing on coverslips, were transfected in 24-well plates with 1 µg of pEGFP plasmid and 1µL of  FluoMag-P per well as described in the Magnetofection instruction manual. At several times post-transfection, cells were fixed, stained with DAPI to detect nucleus (blue) and observed under a fluorescent microscope equipped with a CCD camera.
Figure 2: Transfection efficiency of FluoMag-S versus SilenceMag. GFP stably transfected MDCK and HeLa cells were plated the day before transfection in a 24-well plate. Cells were then treated with SilenceMag or FluoMag-S and siRNA (targeting GFP or targeting LacZ as control) as described in the SilenceMag instruction manual. Complexes were prepared with 1 μL of SilenceMag or FluoMag-S and 10nM (67.5ng) of siRNA. Cells were then transfected in 500 μL transfection volume. GFP expression level was monitored 72h post-transfection by detection of fluorescence intensity with a fluorometer. 


  • Easy cell labeling and tracking
  • Non-toxic
  • Compatible with serum


  • Double labeling and co-localization studies using GFP or FITC labeled nucleic acids 
  • Transfection mechanisms 
  • Fluorescent resonance energy transfer (FRET) assay
  • Analysis of association of vectors with magnetic nanoparticles


  • FC10100 - FluoMag-C Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagent, corresponds to CombiMag, 100μl
  • FN10100 - FluoMag-N Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagent, corresponds to NeuroMag, 100μl
  • FP10100 - FluoMag-P Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagent, corresponds to PolyMag, 100μl
  • FS10100 - FluoMag-S Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagent, corresponds to SilenceMag, 100μl
  • FV10100 - FluoMag-V Fluorescent Magnetofection Reagent, corresponds to ViroMag, 100μl