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Virus Transduction & Infection

LBX0000 - LentiBlast Premium Transduction Enhancer


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Please note: LentiBlast Premium is the new, improved version of LentiBlast (cat# LB00500/LB01500). LentiBlast is no longer available.

LentiBlast Premium Transduction Enhancer is designed to increase lentiviral infection and transduction efficiency in a wide range of cell types, from CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells to primary cells or cell lines such as HT1080 or SH SY5Y.

LentiBlast Premium is composed of only one reagent, allowing for a new single-step protocol. With LentiBlast Premium, neutralizing electrostatic repulsions between membranes and viral particles and enhancing viral fusion with cell membranes can occur simultaneously.

Due to a favorable “membrane permeable effect” limiting the transmembrane potential changes, LentiBlast Premium is non-toxic and totally compatible with cell viability.

Figure 1: Primary CD34+ was transduced with Lentivirus encoding for GFP at low MOI of 5 in presence (or not) of LentiBlast Premium (LBP). After 72 h incubation, transduction efficiency was visualized under fluorescence microscopy (C) and % of GFP positive cells (A) and mean intensity (B) of genetically modified cells were evaluated by flow cytometry.



  • Increases lentivirus infection efficiency for hard-to-transduce cells such as Stem cells and Primary T cells
  • Ideal for enhancing infection and transduction in CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes and for CAR-T therapy Composed of only one reagent compared to Lentiblast for a new single-step protocol 
  • Achieves same transduction results with a lower viral titer
  • Non-toxic, compatible with cell viability



  • Increasing lentiviral infection and transduction efficiency



  • LBPX500 – 500 µl (up to 100 transductions in a 24-well plate)
  • LBPX1500 – 1500 µl (up to 300 transductions in a 24-well plate)