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Virus Vectors

OG617 - pSF-Ad5-WT


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Product Name: pSF-Ad5-WT 
Size (bp): 38870 bp
Promoter: Adenovirus Serotype 5 E1A Promoter

This is a serotype 5 adenovirus virus plasmid vector that can be used for the production of replicating wild-type adenovirus serotype 5. The vector contains the complete adenovirus serotype 5 genome cloned into a plasmid backbone with the kanamycin antibiotic selection that allows for the propagation of the vector in E. coli.

Recovery and Growth
Virus recovery requires two steps. First, the plasmid must be cleaved with the PacI restriction enzyme to linearize the virus genome. Second, the linear genome can be recovered and grown in mammalian. A typical recovery transfection would use approximately 5μg of DNA. It is not necessary to remove the plasmid backbone after linearizing the DNA. A standard DNA cleanup, rather than gel extraction, will be sufficient. Virus colonies should appear approximately 10-15 days after transfection into 293 cells, however clones can sometimes appear at earlier time points. Cell should be cultured in 2% fetal calf serum to prevent overgrowth during this time.