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Pathogen Antibodies

151850 - Anti-RSV Phosphoprotein VP32 [3-5-18]


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Cat# 151850
Applications ELISA, IF, WB
Antigen/Gene or Protein Targets Human Respiratory Syncytial (RS) virus Phosphoprotein, VP32
Reactivity Virus
Relevance This antibody reacts with the phosphoprotein from both human RS virus subgroups A and B as well as the phosphoprotein of bovine RS virus. The antibody is not reactive with the phosphoprotein of other member of Pneumovirus genus (specifically, pneumonia virus of mice).

On the basis of the reactivity of this antibody and the 4-14 antibody (cat number: 151851) against the VP32 protein (by immunoblot and immunofluorescence) the existence of two antigenic types of human RS virus was identified (Gimenez et al., 1986).

The phosphoprotein is located within the virion nucleocapsid. The phosphoprotein of RS virus subgroup A is slightly larger than the phosphoprotein of RS virus subgroup B. This difference in molecular weight was demonstrated by immunoblot using this antibody (Gimenez et al., 1986).

This antibody is useful for the diagnosis of RS virus infection since the phosphoprotein is abundant which makes the detection assays using this antibody highly sensitive.
Host Mouse
Immunogen The immunogen was gradient-purified RSN-2 virus (subgroup B) that was then treated with 0.1% SDS at 100°C for 2 min. The procedure used to produce this antibody is described in Gimenez et al. (1984).
Positive Control Immunoblot: Gradient-purified RSN-2 virus 5ug per lane. Lanes 1 and 2.First antibodies: Lane 1: 3-5 antibody. Lane2: RSV convalescent human sera.Indirect immunofluorescence: staining of RSN-2 infected BSC-1 cells
Subclass IgG1 kappa
Myeloma Used P3X63Ag8.653
Recommended Growing Conditions Dulbecco’s media containing 20% Fetal Bovine serum (DH20) prepared as follows (for final volume of 300ml: 237ml DMEM plus 60 ml Fetal Bovine Serum plus 3ml L-Glutamine).
Strain Balb/c
Notes Not reactive with other member of genus Pneumovirus (Pneumonia virus of mice). Antibody reactive with VPP32 from human RSV of subgroup A and bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRS)
Research Area Virology
References Immunoblot analysis of the human antibody response to respiratory syncytial virus infection. Europe PMC ID: 3572364

Antigenic variation between human respiratory syncytial virus isolates. Europe PMC ID: 3517224

Monoclonal antibodies to human respiratory syncytial virus and their use in comparison of different virus isolates. Europe PMC ID: 6202832


Image: The antigen used was gradient-purified RSN-2 virus in lanes 1 and 2. First antibodies: Lane 1: anti-RSV Phosphoprotein VP32 [3-5-18] antibody; Lane 2: RS virus convalescent human sera. Indirect immunofluorescence: staining of RSN-2 virus infected unfixed and fixed BSC-1 cells (Gimenez et al., 1984).


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