Liquid Plate Sealer®

50ml (Cat# 160 050)
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Stabilizer for coated antibodies and antigens on polystyrene or glass surfaces.

Liquid Plate Sealer® by CANDOR Bioscience is used for stabilizing coated ELISA plates, immunochromatographic test strips, affinity chromatography columns, protein arrays and other applications. 

After immobilization of the antibodies or antigens and blocking, Liquid Plate Sealer® seals the plates with a uniform, highly soluble stabilizing layer without affecting the assay. Due to the solubility, samples can be added to the stabilized surface without the need for an additional washing step after storage.

Plates treated with Liquid Plate Sealer® can be stored for long periods after drying. When stored dry at 2-8°C, the coated molecules' shelf life is extended to 1-3 years. Most stabilized plates can also be stored dry at ambient temperature for several months without a loss in activity.

Stress test. Calibration curves of an ELISA, blocked with BSA (fig. 1) or blocked with BSA and stabilized with Liquid Plate Sealer® (fig. 2). Calibration curves at the starting day are identical. After 84 days at 37°C, no remaining binding activity of the capture antibodies is detectable in the unstabilized plate, but the stabilized plate does not show a significant decrease in sensitivity. View details

Liquid Plate Sealer® greatly improves the assay performance by providing critical stability to the biological components. Incorporating Liquid Plate Sealer® into your assay kits can also help optimize the production process, as the extended shelf life of the assay components allows for larger batches to be produced with greater lot-to-lot consistency.

An animal-free version of Liquid Plate Sealer® is also available. Please contact us for details.


  • Stabilizer for coated antibodies and antigens on surfaces such as ELISA plates and LFIA strips
  • Forms a protective layer that maintains the conformation of the capture molecule even under temperature stress
  • Recommended storage temperature is 2-8°C, but most stabilized plates can be stored dry at ambient temperature for several months
  • Improves reliability of assay and efficiency of production process
  • Lateral Flow Immunoassays (LFIA)
  • Immuno-PCR
  • Protein Arrays
  • 160 050 - Liquid Plate Sealer®, 50ml
  • 160 125 - Liquid Plate Sealer®, 125ml
  • 160 500 - Liquid Plate Sealer®, 500ml

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