DNA-spin™ Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

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DNA-Spin Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is designed for separation and purification of plasmid DNA from bacteria using silica membrane spin-type columns with an alkali lysis buffering system. Up to 20µg of highly concentrated, high purity plasmid DNA can be obtained from either high-copy plasmid DNA or low-copy plasmid DNA. With the alkali lysis method, the pH change can be visually observed in real time due to the included Lysis Viewer, a lysis and neutralization indicator. The Lysis Viewer prevents common handling errors that result in inefficient cell lysis and incomplete precipitation of SDS, cell debris, and genomic DNA. The neutralization buffering system achieves both pH neutralization and removal of chromosomal DNA and cell debris after lysis. 

The spin-type columns within this kit contain silica bead membranes and reagents optimizing alkali lysis. The specialized silica gel membranes bind up to 35 µg DNA in the presence of high concentrations of chaotropic salt and allow elution in a small volume of low-salt buffer. The membrane technology eliminates time consuming phenolchloroform extraction and alcohol precipitation, as well as the problems and inconvenience associated with loose resins and slurries. High-purity plasmid DNA eluted from these columns is immediately ready for use without requiring precipitation, concentration, or desalting.

  • Up to 20µg high yield, high purity plasmid DNA can be obtained with high reproducibility
  • Can be used with up to 30kb of plasmid DNA, both low-copy and high-copy
  • pH change during alkali lysis method can be visually observed in real time with Lysis Viewer
  • Visualizing with the Lysis Viewer prevents common handling errors
  • Neutralization buffering system removes chromosomal DNA and cell debris after lysis
  • Plasmid DNA can be extracted in only 30 minutes
  • Ligation & transformation
  • PCR & Real-time PCR
  • Transfection
  • Automated fluorescent sequencing
  • Microinjection
  • Restriction digestion
  • Resuspension buffer, 55ml
  • Lysis buffer, 55ml
  • Neutralization buffer, 80ml
  • Washing buffer A, 140ml
  • Washing buffer B (concentration), 40ml
  • Elution buffer, 20ml
  • Spin columns x 200
  • Collection tubes x 200
  • RNase A, lyophilized powder, 33mg/ml
  • Lysis viewer, 220 µl

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