MycoClean Mycoplasma Prevention Spray

Cat#: 21083
Sales Price$70.00

Mycoplasma are common contaminants in cell cultures, virus stocks, and other cell-derived biologicals. Contaminated lab equipment and lab surfaces can spread mycoplasma to cell cultures, which then must be isolated and destroyed quickly to avoid cross contamination. To prevent mycoplasma contamination, surfaces and equipment must be cleaned frequently.

MycoClean Mycoplasma Prevention Spray is an effective solution for reliable disinfection of laboratory surfaces and apparatuses including clean benches, incubators, work benches, cell storage boxes and liquid nitrogen containers. Contamination-fee and clean surfaces can be achieved in a single application. MycoClean can also be used to remove contaminating viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast.


  • Prevents and eradicates mycoplasma on laboratory equipment and surfaces
  • Non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic
  • MycoClean Mycoplasma Prevention Spray, 200ml

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