Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade

100g (Cat# 604001)
Sales Price$125.00

Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade is used for the electrophoretic separation of nucleic acids in the range of 50 bp to 50 kb. Following separation, DNA can be extracted from the gel. Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade is free of DNase and RNase activity.

  • Gel Strength (1%): 1.125 g/cm2
  • Gelling Point (1.5%): 36.0°C
  • Melting Point (1.5%): 87.7°C
  • Sulfate: 0.098%
  • Moisture: 2.39%
  • Ash: 0.31%


  • Standard agarose
  • Used for DNA fragments of 50bp to 50kb
  • No DNAse and RNase activity
  • Subsequent DNA extraction from the gel is possible
  • Separation of nucleic acids in gel electrophoresis
  • 604001 - Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade, 100g
  • 604005 - Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade, 500g

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