MagSi-DNA mf Beads, 300nm Bead Size

Silica Surface, 2ml (Cat# MD0200010002)
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MagSi-DNA mf are ferrimagnetic beads intended for purification or isolation of nucleic acids. These beads were developed for use in microfluidic and chip-based genomic setups. 

The magnetic nanoparticles can be used as a solid support for nucleic acid isolation and extraction methods with buffer systems based on chaotropic binding principles. These beads are intended for developing your own application, such as: 

  • Isolation of genomic, mitochondrial, or viral DNA from whole blood, cell lysates, human, animal, or plant tissue; isolation of RNA 
  • Isolation of genomic, plasmid, or phage DNA from bacterial cultures and bacteria from clinical samples (blood, stool, swabs, etc.) 
  • Clean-up of DNA from enzymatic reactions (restriction digestions, ligations) or chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) procedures to remove excess primers, nucleotides, enzymes, salts, buffers and other substances that are unwanted in downstream applications 

MagSi-DNA mf consists of magnetic silica beads with a highly dense core of magnetite. Due to their ferrimagnetic properties, the beads typically collect within 10 seconds in a magnetic field, but quickly lose magnetic remanence and are easily resuspended. The beads have minimal adhesion effects to plastics, making them suitable for use in microfluidic systems. The small particle size provides a large active surface area for binding of nucleic acids. The storage buffer has been optimized for maximum suspension time and ease of resuspension.

MagSi-DNA mf beads are available with a silica surface and with a carboxylated surface. The two surfaces differ in their optimal binding conditions. When developing a new application, it is recommended to try both types in parallel.

Please note: These beads start sedimenting quickly and may need homogenization during incubation steps. In some cases, MagSi-DNA 600nm, Allround (1.2µm) or 3µm beads may be more suitable due to their superparamagnetic behavior and longer sedimentation time.

  • Suitable for use in microfluidic systems; minimal adhesion effects to plastics
  • 300nm particle size provides a large active surface area for binding of nucleic acids
  • Provided in storage buffer optimized for maximum suspension time and ease of resuspension
  • Nucleic acid purification and isolation in microfluidic and chip-based genomic setups
Cat# Product Surface Volume
MD0200010002 MagSi-DNA mf Beads Silica 2ml
MD0200010010 MagSi-DNA mf Beads Silica 10ml
MD0200010100 MagSi-DNA mf Beads Silica 100ml
MD0200040002 MagSi-DNA mf COOH Beads Carboxylated 2ml
MD0200040010 MagSi-DNA mf COOH Beads Carboxylated 10ml
MD0200040100 MagSi-DNA mf COOH Beads Carboxylated 100ml

Please note: These beads are a replacement for MagSi-DNA beads, silica surface, 300nm bead size (Cat# MD01017, MD02017, MD03017) and MagSi-DNA beads, carboxylated surface, 300nm bead size (Cat# MD01019, MD02019, MD03019)

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