DNA Methylation is one of the most widely studied epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression regulation. Abnormal changes in DNA methylation have been found inFinal cancer, inflammatory, autoimmune, psychiatric, cardiovascular, and age-related diseases. DNA methylation-based biomarkers are increasingly used in clinical disease management. With this growing field of research, reliable DNA Methylation Testing Kits have become essential.

Boca Scientific is thrilled to add MethylDetect DNA Methylation Assay Kits to our portfolio.  These fast, robust, high-quality kits are available for a wide range of genes.  If you do not see the gene you are looking for, please contact us.

MethylDetect's EpiMelt Assays provide reliable detection of aberrant gene methylation using MS-HRM technology. MS-HRM technology provides fast, cost-effective, and sensitive detection. Sensitive detection allows elimination of PCR bias and enhanced assessment of locus-specific methylation status. DNA methylation-based biomarkers are used in disease risk assessment, early detection, personalization of treatment, and monitoring of chronic disorders and recurrence.

MethylDetect’s EpiMelt Controls provide both non-methylated controls and fully methylated controls. They can be used with most methylation screening technologies including MS-HRM , MSP or bisulfite sequencing. These controls can also be used to generate standard curves for technologies such as q-MSP or MethyLight.

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