Bacillus subtilis Constitutive Expression Vector

pHT2133 (PBS008)
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The Bacillus subtilis system was developed as a host for gram-positive bacteria in a variety of applications, including agricultural, medical and food biotechnology and the production of recombinant proteins.
The Bacillus subtilis system is advantageous in that it is non-pathogenic, does not have significant bias in codon usage, and is capable of secreting functional extracellular proteins directly into the culture medium. A large body of information concerning transcription, translation, protein folding and secretion mechanisms, genetic manipulation, and large-scale fermentation is available.

The B. subtilis Constitutive Expression System provides an easy-to-handle tool for high yield protein production with B. subtilis. These B. subtilis/E. coli shuttle vectors were constructed for convenient cloning in E. coli lacIq strains. For subsequent purification of the protein of interest, two vectors are offered encoding for 8xHis- or Strep tag II:

  • pHT2133 (PBS008) - pHT2133 vector with C-terminal encoded 8xHis tag
  • pHT2134 (PBS009) - pHT2134 vector with C-terminal encoded Strep tag

A control vector is also available. This vector must be purchased in combination with a regular B. subtilis vector:

  • pHT2071 (PBS008C) - positive control vector for constitutive intracellular production of B-galactosidase

Please note these products require a license for commercial companies. Please contact us for licensing information.


  • Developed for high-level constitutive expression of heterologous proteins with B. subtilis
  • Structurally and segregationally stable
  • Inducer-free high-level production of the target protein in B. subtilis 
  • Strong repression of the target gene expression in E. coli lacIq strains
  • Secretes functional extracellular proteins directly into the culture medium
  • Non-pathogenic 
  • No significant bias in codon usage
  • High yield recombinant protein production with Bacillus subtilis
  • PBS008 - pHT2133 constitutive expression vector
  • PBS009 - pHT2134 constitutive expression vector
  • PBS008C - control vector pHT2071
All vectors are supplied as lyophilized DNA (10 µg).

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