Bacillus subtilis Pgrac100 Vector

pHT253 (PBS013)
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The Bacillus subtilis system was developed as a host for gram-positive bacteria in a variety of applications, including agricultural, medical and food biotechnology and the production of recombinant proteins.

The Bacillus subtilis system is advantageous in that it is non-pathogenic, does not have significant bias in codon usage, and is capable of secreting functional extracellular proteins directly into the culture medium. A large body of information concerning transcription, translation, protein folding and secretion mechanisms, genetic manipulation, and large-scale fermentation is available.

The B. subtilis Pgrac100 expression vectors are improved derivatives of the Pgrac01 expression vectors. These vectors were constructed for cloning in E. coli and high level expression of heterologous proteins with B. subtilis.

All Pgrac100 vectors use the strong promoter preceding the groESL operon of Bacillus subtilis with improved regulatory elements fused to the lac operator, allowing their induction by IPTG.

  • pHT253 (PBS013) - for intracellular protein production, with N-terminal encoded 8xHis tag
  • pHT254 (PBS014) - for intracellular protein production, with C-terminal encoded 8xHis tag
  • pHT255 (PBS015) - for intracellular protein production, with C-terminal encoded Strep tag
  • pHT1469 (PBS018) - for secretory protein production, with improved signal sequence of amyQ for protein export


Please note this product requires a license for commercial companies. Please contact us for licensing information.


  • Strong promoter with improved regulatory elements
  • Enhanced amount of expressed recombinant proteins
  • Inducible protein expression
  • Non-pathogenic
  • No significant bias in codon usage
  • Useful for the construction of metagenomic libraries
  • Intracellular or secretory production of recombinant proteins in B. subtilis
Cat# Vector Features
PBS013 pHT253 N-terminal 8xHis tag
PBS014 pHT254 C-terminal 8xHis tag
PBS015 pHT255 C-terminal Strep tag
PBS018 pHT146 (secretion) Improved signal sequence of amyQ for protein export

All vectors are supplied as lyophilized DNA (10µg).

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