EpitoGen Differential COVID-19 ELISA Test

(Cat#: EPITO-DI)

The World Health Organizaton has set up an initiative for serology testing with 100 countries signed up (WHO Unity inititiative).  It is critical that accurate assessment of vaccines performance is carreied out, especially to evaluate long-term protection.

EpitoGen Technology efficiently expresses short epitopes to vastly improve antibody tests. The epitope antigen (EpitoGen) is fused in the middle of an inert scaffold protein and displayed on the top of the scaffold ideally suited for a number of antigen/antibody-based assays such as ELISA and lateral flow. 

The EpitoGen Differential COVID-19 ELISA test offers the ability to differentiate between humoral responses to vaccine and infection with COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines, thus far, are based solely on the spike protein, so detection of antibodies reactive with the other viral proteins is indicative of a natural infection with COVID-19. The combinations of the epitopes expressed as antigens in the assay offers the ability to detect the broadest range of human spike or non-spike COVID-19 antibodies.

The Differential Test is useful to provide information on the efficacies of vaccines, affording assurance about protention and knowledge about population immunity status.

This EpitoGen Test includes the IgG ELISA plate and dilution buffer. Other materials are to be supplied by the user.


epitogen differential


Discounts are available for bulk quantities. Please inquire for pricing.

Please note: This product is for research use only.


  • Differentiates between vaccine-induced and infection-induced IgG antibody response
  • Efficiently expresses short epitopes to improve antibody tests
  • 99+% sensitivity and 99% specificity 
  • Easily integrated into existing ELISA protocols  
  • Highly stable components are easy to ship and store
  • Detects broadest range of human spike or non-spike COVID-19 antibodies
  • Detection of IgG antibody response to COVID-19 and determination if response is vaccine-induced or infection-induced 
  • Detection of IgM and IgA to evaluate active COVID-19 infection or mucosal immunity
  • EpitoGen Differential 96 well COVID-19 IgG ELISA plate
  • Diluent
  • 28 single tests or 14 duplicate tests per plate

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