GRS Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit

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This column-based DNA/RNA puficiation kit has been successfully used in the detection of COVID-19. Protocols are provided for relevant types of samples including sputum and viscous nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal and tracheal aspirates, and swabs. 

The GRS Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit includes an optimized buffer system and eliminates the need for an internal control or carrier RNA. The lysis buffer produces fast, efficient lysis of DNA/RNA viruses. The buffer system allows selective binding of nucleic acids to the glass fiber matrix of the spin column. Contaminants are completely removed using a Wash Buffer containing ethanol in a simple centrifugation step. The purified DNA/RNA is subsequently eluted with RNase-Free Water. 

With the GRS Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit, the entire procedure can be completed in 30 minutes without the use of phenol extraction. The eluted purified nucleic acids are suitable for all common applications, including PCR, real-time PCR, RT-PCR, one-step qRT-PCR, and DNA sequencing. 

This kit is recommended for parallel purification of viral DNA, including CMV and HBV, and viral RNA, including HIV, HTLV, and HCV. The detection limit depends on the type of virus and on the sensitivity of individual PCR or RT-PCR protocols.


  • Results in high quality purified viral DNA/RNA from cell-free media (serum, plasma, body fluids, supernatant from viral infected cell cultures, etc.)
  • Optimized buffer system
  • Protocol is completed in 30 minutes
  • Eliminates the need for an internal control or carrier RNA
  • Does not require phenol extraction
  • Sufficient for 100 reactions
  • Viral DNA/RNA purification
  • Viral Lysis Buffer, 60ml
  • Binding Buffer, 8ml
  • Wash Buffer 1, 50ml
  • Wash Buffer 2, 25ml
  • RNase-Free Water, 6ml
  • Viral DNA/RNA mini spin column x 100
  • 2ml collection tube x 200
  • 1.5ml microtube (DNase/RNase free) x 200

Sufficient for 50 preps.

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