Exo/SAP Go PCR Purification Kit

Cat#: GK18.0500
Sales Price$530.00
500 Reactions

The Exo/SAP Go PCR Purification kit is a high performance enzymatic PCR purification kit with a 15 minute protocol. This kit is fast, easy to use, and offers 100% purification.

This kit is designed to degrade dNTPs and primers in a single reaction tube in only 5 minutes. It is comprised of Exonuclease I (Exo I) and recombinant Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase (rSAP) in an optimal molar ratio. Unused primers are hydrolyzed by Exo I, whilst rSAP dephosphorylates excess dNTPs. Both enzymes are subsequently removed by heat-inactivation and DNA is ready for sequencing in just 15 minutes. No further treatment is required and recovery is 100%, even for very short PCR products.

  1. Transfer 5µl of PCR product to a new tube
  2. Add 1µl of rSAP and 1µl of Exo I
  3. Incubate at 37ºC for 5 minutes
  4. Heat-inactivate at 80ºC for 10 minutes

The purified PCR product can be used for DNA sequencing reactions immediately. 

  • PCR purification occurs in only 15 minutes
  • 100% purification
  • Simple protocol
  • PCR purification
  • Exonuclease I, 1 tube, sufficient for 500 reactions
  • Recombinant Shrimp Alakine Phosphotase, 1 tube, sufficient for 500 reactions

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