TripleXtractor Direct RNA Kit

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This Column based RNA isolation kit offers convenient, rapid and cost effective purification of ultra-pure RNA. The kit combines the strong lysis capability of the monophasic phenol/guandinethiocyanate solution "TripleXtractor Direct" with a spin column system. The process does not require chloroform phase separation or isopropanol precipitation.

With the tripleXtractor direct RNA Kit, the purification of RNA is fast and simple. The protocol begins with a one-step homogenization/lysis step using TripleXtractor Direct in which cells are disrupted and cellular components are dissolved efficiently, while maintaining RNA integrity. The sample is then passed through a RNA binding spin column. Contaminants are completely removed using a Wash Buffer (containing ethanol) in a simple centrifugation step. Optional DNAse treatment can be included in the protocol. The purified RNA is subsequently eluted by RNAse-free water.

The protocol can be completed in approximately 15 minutes with a typical A260/A280>1,9 and A260/A230 >1,9. The purified total RNA is free of DNA and proteins and can be used for all common downstream applications such as cDNA Library construction, Nothern Blotting, RT-PCR, in vitro translation, and Nuclease Protection Assays.

  • Sample size = up to 5x106 cultured animal yeast or plant cells, 50-100mg of tissue, or 1 x 109 bacterial cells
  • Elution volume = 20-50 ┬Ál
  • Expected Yield = total RNA (e.g. up to 3ug from 200ul of whole human blood, up to 20ug from 1 x 109 cells of E. coli)
  • Operation Time = within 15 minutes
  • Sufficient for 100 reactions
  • RNA purification
  • TripleXtractor Direct, 80ml
  • Wash buffer 1, 35ml
  • Wash buffer 2, 50ml
  • RNase-free water, 6ml
  • RNA mini spin column x 100
  • 2ml collection tube x 200
  • 1.5ml microtube (RNase-free) x 200
  • DNase I solution, 0.55ml
  • DNase reaction buffer, 5ml

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