GRS Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (with EDTA)

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GRS Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (with EDTA) is a mix of several compounds that inhibit protease activity. It is used to protect against undesired protein digestion that occurs during and after cell lysis. The presence of EDTA assures greater inhibition of metalloproteases.

GRS Protease Inhibitor Cocktail is composed of 100mM PMSF, 2mM Bestatin, 0.3mM Pepstatin A, and 0.3 mM E-64, dissolved in DMSO containing a small amount of deionized water.

  • PMSF (PhenylMethylSulfonyl Fluoride) - serine protease inhibitor with an effective concentration of 0.1-1mM and a short half-life in aqueous solutions (ranging from 2 hours at pH 7 to 30 min at pH 8).
  • Bestatin (Ubenimex) - competitive, reversible protease inhibitor, derived from Streptomyces olivoreticuli; has been shown to inhibit the enzymatic degradation of oxytocin, vassopresin, and several other peptides and compounds. 
  • Pepstatin A - hexapeptide containing the uncommon amino acid statine; potent inhibitor of aspartyl proteases, as well as of some aspartic proteases such as Pepsin and Cathepsins D and E. 
  • E-64 - epoxide isolated from Aspergillus japonicas that irreversibly inhibits many cysteine proteases such as papain, calpain, staphopain and cathepsins B and L.




  • Inhibits protease activity
  • EDTA assures greater inhibition of metalloproteases
  • Protects against undesired protein digestion
  • GRS Protease Inhibitor Cocktail (with EDTA), 1ml

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