Happy Cell ASM for Flow Cytometry

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Happy Cell ASM for Flow Cytometry. Formulated in PBS without magnesium and calcium, 20ml. This reagent offers an excellent solution to passive cell sedimentation in flow cytometry. 
Cell sedimentation is a common problem faced by cell cytometrists.  This can occur when cells are large or are left to stand for long periods of time.  Under these conditions, cells can frequently sediment out of solution, which can lead to inconsistent cell disperision.  This can negatively impact experimental results.  For example, larger cells in a population will sediment at a faster rate than smaller cells.  This in turn will lead to a higher percentage of smaller cells being sampled.  As a result, unrepresentative sub-population data may be obtained causing inaccurate or inconsistent experimental results and conclusions.  To support research in the field of flow cytometry, Vale Life Sciences have developed a suspension system specifically for this application.
The media base is Phosphate buffered saline (PBS) without divalent cations, magnesium, or calcium.  If required, these or any other supplement can be added.  HappyCell┬«  ASM Flow Cytometry reagent has been formulated to be compatible with commercially available flow cytometers.  This product is supplied as a 20ml 2X concentrate, and is readily diluted with standard PBS.  Simply re-suspend cells at desired density and proceed with the flow cytometry protocol.
  • Solution to passive sedimentation in Cell Cytometry
  • Keeps cells in suspension and maintains cellular size and consistency
  • Developed specifically to support research in the field of flow cytometry
  • Compatible with commercially available flow cytometers
  • Animal-free formulation
  • Oncology and chronic disease models
  • Stem cell organoid culture
  • Primary cell culture and expansion
  • Flow cytometry
  • 1 x 20 mL bottle of Happy Cell┬« ASM Flow Cytometry reagent supplied as 2X concentrate. Formulated in Ca++ and Mg free PBS++

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