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Anti-Tet-Repressor Antibodies

Model Item Name- Price
TET Ab Anti-Tet-Repressor Antibodies

TETR1 TET Repressor protein positive control, 1 µg

Anti-Tet-Repressor Antibodies

The tetracycline (tet) regulatory system is widely used for selective target gene regulation in eukaryotic cells. MoBiTec has developed a unique set of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies targeting the Tet Repressor protein for study of the TetR system. These antibodies possess excellent binding properties and have been successfully tested for use in ELISA, Western blot and immunofluorescence assays.

Our TET02 monoclonal antibody is an optimized mix consisting of the two different epitope specific monoclonal antibodies, while TET03 is a single monoclonal antibody, which can be used for immunofluorescence microscopy. The TET01 rabbit polyclonal antibody can be used in all three above-mentioned applications. These antibodies provide an excellent new tool for studying the tet regulatory system. We also offer a positive control, TETR1, for use with the antibodies.