DNA Polymerases

SD Polymerase

Heat Stability Up to 93°C.

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Tth Polymerase

Intrinsic Reverse Transcription Activity.

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DFS-Taq Polymerase

High Sensitivity, High Purity.

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Our well-established Bioron line of DNA Polymerases offers a wide range of high quality, common and modified DNA Polymerases for both Standard and Hot Start PCR. This selection includes polymerases for Real-Time PCR, RT-PCR, and high fidelity applications. All polymerases are provided with optimized reaction buffers.

Our range of polymerases include:

  • SD Polymerase – novel, thermostable enzyme for PCR and isothermal amplification with strong strand displacement activity.
  • SuperHotTaq Polymerase – highly purified polymerase for all PCR applications.
  • Tth Polymerase – recombinant enzyme for RT-PCR and regular PCR.
  • DF-Pfu DNA Polymerase – proofreading enzyme for high-fidelity synthesis.
  • Klen SNPase – polymerase optimized for DNA sequencing and SNP genotyping.
  • Hot Start DNA Polymerases – providing improved sensitivity and specificity by inhibiting Taq Polymerase at room temperature.

Bioron Polymerases Citations

Bioron Polymerases Overview


AptaHotTaq DNA Polymerase 5 U/µl

200 U (Cat# 119602)

Sales Price$68.00

SD Polymerase

10 U/µl, 200 U (Cat# 108702)

Sales Price$58.00
Sales Price$71.00

SmartTaq DNA Polymerase 5 U/µl

200 U (Cat# 103020)

Sales Price$45.00
Sales Price$43.00

Tth DNA Polymerase

500 U (Cat# 104005)

Sales Price$126.00

DFS-Taq DNA Polymerase

500 U (Cat# 101005)

Sales Price$44.00

SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase

200 U (Cat# 129002)

Sales Price$68.00

HighTaq DNA Polymerase

5 U/µl, 1000 U (Cat# 111105)

Sales Price$51.00
Size & Concentration 

DFS HotTaq DNA Polymerase

500 U (Cat# 101004)

Sales Price$86.00
Sales Price$766.00
Sales Price$125.00