SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase

200 U (Cat# 119002)
Sales Price$75.00

HotStart version of Taq Polymerase for a variety of PCR applications.

SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase is an optimized mixture of Taq Polymerase and AntiTaq monoclonal antibodies. With the HotStart function, PCR can be set up at room temperature.

SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase can be used in all regular PCR applications but is especially well-suited for PCR with complex genomic or cDNA templates, low copy number targets, or a large number of thermal cycles. It is suitable for diagnostic applications.

The PCR products obtained with SuperHotTaq are free of unspecific products and primer-dimers. Fragments up to 5kb can be amplified. 


  • High specificity
  • Ideal for use with complex genomic and cDNA templates
  • High fluorescence signals in Real-Time PCR
  • Multiple buffers for different techniques
  • Suitable for diagnostic applications
  • Real-Time PCR
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Amplification of complex genomic and cDNA templates
  • Diagnostic applications
  • 119002 - SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase, 200 units
  • 119010 - SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase, 1000 units
Also Included:
  • Incomplete NH4 Reaction Buffer (10x)
  • Complete NH4 Reaction Buffer (10x)
  • Complete KCl Reaction Buffer (10x)
  • MgCl2 100 mM

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