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Magnetofection Magnetic Transfection

SM00000 - SilenceMag siRNA Delivery Reagent


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SilenceMag siRNA Delivery Reagent is designed for siRNA transfection using Magnetofection technology. This reagent gives reliable high protein knockdown at very low doses of siRNA in a variety of types of cells (primary cells, hard-to-transfect cells and cell lines). SilenceMag is serum-compatible and non-toxic. 
SilenceMag must be used with a magnetic plate. Two starter kits are available that include a Super Magnetic Plate (8x12cm) or a 96-Place Magnetic Plate (8x12cm). Magnetic plates can also be purchased separately.
Figure 1: Protocol. In the process of Magnetofection, nucleic acids, transfection reagents or viruses are associated with specific magnetic nanoparticles. The resulting molecular complexes are then concentrated and transported into cells supported by an appropriate magnetic field. 
Figure 2: GFP silencing in HeLa cells. GFP-expressing HeLa cells seeded in a 96-well plate were transfected with 0.5 μL of SilenceMag and 4 or 10nM siRNA (corresponding to 10.8 or 27 ng respectively). GFP extinction was monitored 72h post-transfection by fluorescence microscopy.
Figure 3: LacZ silencing in various cell lines with SilenceMag. Various cells were co-transfected in 96-well plates with 100ng of pLacZ plasmid complexed to 0.1μL of PolyMag (#PN30100) and either 1 or 5nM of siRNA associated with SilenceMag. b-galactosidase expression was monitored after 48h.


  • High protein knockdown efficiency
  • Used for all siRNA applications
  • No off-target effects
  • Serum-compatible and non-toxic
  • Simple, rapid protocol


  • siRNA transfection of primary and hard-to-transfect cells
  • Gene silencing of siRNA, dsRNA, shRNA
  • Sequential and simultaneous transfections
  • Endogenous gene silencing


  • SM10200 – SilenceMag siRNA Delivery Reagent, 200 µl (400 assays)
  • SM10500 – SilenceMag siRNA Delivery Reagent, 500 µl (1,000 assays)
  • SM11000 – SilenceMag siRNA Delivery Reagent, 1ml (2,000 assays)
  • SM13000 – SilenceMag siRNA Delivery Reagent, 3ml (6,000 assays)
  • KC30300 - Starter Kit: 200ul SilenceMag + Magnetic Plate 
  • KC30396 - Starter Kit: 200ul SilenceMag + 96-Place Magnetic Plate