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In Vivo Transfection

IV-PN30000 - In vivo PolyMag Transfection Reagent


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In vivo PolyMag™ Transfection Reagent is a cationic polymer-based magnetic nanoparticles formulation designed for in vivo targeted transfection of nucleic acids
Targeted delivery minimizes systemic distribution, decreases gene vectors inactivation and reduces toxicity. The use of magnetic forces enhances the uptake of magnetic nanoparticles by the target tissue, improving the efficiency of transfection and decreasing the required process time of delivery to only a few minutes.
In vivo PolyMag is suitable for all types of nucleic acid DNA complexes. It can be easily administrated through both systemic administration, such as intravenous and intra-artery injection, and local administration, such as intratumoral, intracerebroventricular, intraperitoneal, intramuscular and subcutaneous injection.
This reagent must be used with a magnet. A starter kit including a magnet set is available.
Figure 1: High efficiency of in vivo PolyMag for targeted gene delivery after intravenous injection. Luciferase expression 42h after injection of reporter gene complexed with in vivo PolyMag nanoparticles into rabbit ear artery. Gene expression was found primarily at the magnet position site. As a control, the same vector composition was injected in the contralateral vessel without application of a magnet. No significant reporter gene expression was found.


  • Increases transfection efficiency
  • Reduces required vector doses and systemic dissemination
  • Can be used under non-permissive conditions such as hypothermia and physiological flow conditions
  • Minimizes toxicity
  • Can be applied through systemic administration or local administration
  • Can be used with all types of nucleic acids


  • In vivo targeted transfection of nucleic acids


  • IV-PN30500 – in vivo PolyMag™ Transfection Reagent, 500 µl
  • IV-PN31000 – in vivo PolyMag™ Transfection Reagent, 1ml
  • IV-KC30210 – in vivo PolyMag™ Transfection Reagent, 500 µl + Magnet set
  • IV-TK30210 – in vivo PolyMag™ Transfection Reagent, 100 µl + 1 cylinder magnet