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CHP6 - ChoMaster HP-6 Production Medium Fed Batch


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The ChoMaster HP-6 production medium was created for the protein and peptide-free production of recombinant glycoproteins in fed-batch culture processes. The final composition of this product is usually customized to perfectly match users’ expectations in terms of product yield and quality throughout all phases of the bioprocess. Single components of our medium kit can be used as feeding solutions for advanced fed-batch operations.


  • Free of proteins, peptides, complex additives such as albumines, hydrolysates and yeast extracts
  • Free of animal-derived components
  • Exclusively made of small molecules characterized by their CAS- and EINECS registry numbers


  • Production of recombinant glycoproteins


  • CHP6-1 - 500ml
  • CHP6-5 - 500ml x 5
  • CHP6-25 - 500ml x 25