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NICE® Expression System for Lactococcus lactis

ELV00650-01 - NICE® pNZ8121 Lactococcus lactis secretion vector, EcoRV site, 10 µg


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The Nisin controlled gene expression system (NICE®), developed at NIZO Food Research, NL, is a fully food-grade system used for controlled gene expression in Lactococcus Lactis. The NICE® system is advantageous in that it does not contain endotoxins, inclusion bodies, spores or extracellular proteases, and the tightly controlled gene expression allows the production of toxic proteins to take place. With this system, fermentation, scale-up and downstream processing are simple.
The NICE® pNZ8121 Lactococcus lactis secretion vector, part of the NICE® expression system, is a broad host range vectors with a chloramphenicol selection marker. This vector has the signal sequence of PrtP. Cloning is done via an EcoRV site, causing the mature protein to start with the first amino acid of PrtP after the signal cleavage site. This setting can contribute to a greater efficiency in removing the signal peptide.
Please note this product requires a license for non-academic institutions. Please contact us for licensing information.


  • Endotoxin-free, food-grade expression system
  • Expression of membrane proteins
  • Secretion of proteins into the medium
  • Fewer endogenous and no exogenous proteases
  • No spores or inclusion bodies
  • Tightly controlled gene expression allows production of toxic proteins
  • Simple fermentation, scale-up and downstream processing


  • Production of homologous and heterologous proteins for food, feed, pharmacological and biocatalysis applications
  • Production of prokaryotic and eukaryotic membrane proteins
  • Production of exopolysaccharides
  • Production of ingredients through metabolic engineering: e.g. alanine, folate, diacetyl
  • Preparation of L. lactis as a biocatalyst by expression of a suitable enzyme as, e.g., dehydrogenases and in-situ cofactor regeneration
  • High-throughput screening for enzyme evolution or enzyme comparison


  • NICE® pNZ8121 Lactococcus lactis secretion vector (SP PrtP/EcoRV), 10 µg