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Mycoplasma Detection

21081 - M-Solution™ 1-2 Antibiotics To Eliminate Mycoplasma, 10ml each


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M-Solution™ 1-2 Antibiotics (100x) are antibiotic formulations designed to treat Mycoplasma-infected cell cultures. This product eliminates mycoplasma species that account for 90% of the contamination found in cell cultures. Two antibiotic solutions are included:
  1. M-Solution™ 1 - based on the antibiotic Tiamutin
  2. M-Solution™ 2 - based on the antibiotic Minocycline, part of the Tetracycline group
These solutions are safe for cells, with comparably low cytotoxicity. Unlike other antibiotic treatment methods, the mycoplasma does not develop resistance to these antibiotics. M-Solution™ 1 and M-Solution™ 2 are used sequentially over a period of 1 week and the cycle is repeated 2-3 times as required. Mycoplasmas are permanently destroyed within 3 weeks. 
Figure 1: Protocol


  • Eliminates mycoplasma from cell cultures
  • Mycoplasmas do not develop resistance to antibiotics in M-Solutions
  • Effective control of gram (+/-) bacteria
  • No cytotoxic effect
  • Mycoplasmas are destroyed within 3 weeks


  • Decontamination and treatment of Mycoplasma in research
  • Prevention and treatment of other bacterial contamination in research
  • Cell-line maintenance
  • Research on Cell Therapeutics


  • M-Solution™ 1 Antibiotic (100x), 10ml
  • M-Solution™ 2 Antibiotic (100x), 10ml