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Aqua Reagents for DNA, RNA & Protein Extraction

80X0MT - AquaPreserve Solution


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AquaPreserve is a multifunctional aqueous reagent for DNA/RNA/protein preservation and extraction. It can be used to streamline biospecimen collection, stabilization, transport, storage, distribution, and extraction for DNA/RNA/protein. By streamlining the entire biospecimen workflow, AquaPreserve can reduce pre-analytical variability and increase data reproducibility and reliability. AquaPreserve can stabilize and extract total DNA/RNA/protein from whole blood, plasma, saliva and other liquid or solid biospecimens. AquaPreserve is the only reagent that can extract intact RNA from frozen whole blood samples collected in common anticoagulants.
Please note: The extraction protocol for blood samples stabilized with AquaPreserve requires the addition of ProSink or ProMelt, purchased separately:
  • ProSink Solution - required for extracting total blood DNA/RNA from AquaPreserve-stabilized blood samples
  • ProMelt Solution - required for extracting proteins from AquaPreserve-stabilized blood samples


  • Streamlines biospecimen collection
  • Reduces pre-analytical variability 
  • Increases data reproducibility and reliability
  • Can extract intact RNA from frozen whole blood samples collected in common anticoagulants


  • DNA, RNA and protein preservation and extraction
  • Specimen biobanking


  • 8030MT - AquaPreserve Solution, 120 minipreps (from blood), 30ml
  • 8060MT - AquaPreserve Solution, 240 minipreps (from blood), 60ml