NICE® L. lactis Expression System

Lactococcus lactis is increasingly used for modern biotechnological applications such as the production of recombinant proteins for food, feed, pharma, and biocatalysis applications. The Nisin Controlled gene Expression (NICE®) system has played an important role in this development. This system can be used for over expression of homologous and heterologous genes for functional studies and to obtain large quantities of specific gene products. The major advantages of the NICE® system over other expression systems are the expression of membrane proteins, secretion of proteins into the medium, tightly controlled gene expression, and simple scale up and downstream processing.

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NICE® Lactococcus lactis Host Strain

Strain NZ9000 (ELS09000-01)

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100µl x 5
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NICE® Nisin Kit

Cat#: ELK01000-02

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