SD Polymerase

10 U/µl, 200 U (Cat# 108702)
Sales Price$58.00

Unique, thermostable polymerase for isothermal amplification and PCR.

SD Polymerase is a novel, artificial polymerase with a strong strand displacement activity and heat stability up to 93°C. With SD Polymerase, the possibilities of isothermal amplification and regular PCR can be combined. 

Natural enzymes with a strong strand displacement activity, such as Phi29 or Bst Polymerase, are active below 68°C only. With the high heat stability of SD Polymerase, the efficiency of isothermal amplification can be enhanced by initial denaturation steps to increase the accessibility of single strands. The initial heating-up improves the specificity in applications such as LAMP, library generation, PCDR, WGA and standard PCR. 

SD Polymerase is suitable for high GC-content and difficult targets. Long Range PCR can be performed with target sizes up to 30 kb. 

This enzyme has 5'-3' polymerase and 5'-3' strand displacement activities, as well as 3'-A-overhangs. It does not have any exonuclease activity. 

Multiple formats are available, each of which includes a reaction buffer and MgCl2:

  • 10 U/µl 
  • High concentration, 50 U/µl
  • HotStart, 10 U/µl 


  • Stable up to 93°C; high heat stability improves specificity
  • Ideal for high GC-content and difficult targets
  • Higher yields, speed and efficiency than Taq Polymerase
  • Suitable for amplification of short (100 bp) and long (20 - 30 kb) DNA fragments
  • Detection of ≥ 10 DNA molecules
  • Can be used with simple and complex templates
  • No exonuclease activity
  • Isothermal Amplification
  • Strand Displacement (LAMP, WGA, RCA, MDA)
  • PCDR
  • Standard PCR
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Long Range PCR up to 30 kb
  • Real-Time PCR (only with intercalating dyes)
  • Library generation
  • Genome Sequencing
Cat# Format Concentration Size
108702 Standard 10 U/µl 200 units
108710 Standard 10 U/µl 1,000 units
108800 High Concentration 50 U/µl 1,000 units
108850 High Concentration 50 U/µl 5,000 units
108902 HotStart 10 U/µl 200 units
108910 HotStart 10 U/µl 1,000 units

 All products are supplied with SD Polymerase, Incomplete Reaction Buffer (10x), and MgCl2 (100 mM).

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