GeneFix Microbiome DNA Saliva Collectors

2 Collectors (Cat# MFX-01/02)
Sales Price$54.00

The new GeneFiXâ„¢ Saliva Microbiome DNA Collection device provides an efficient, alternative method to traditional collection and storage of microbiome samples.

This device stabilizes microbial DNA in tubes pre-filled with a non-toxic stabilization buffer. The collector has a simple, anti-spill screw-on funnel for saliva delivery directly into the buffer.  Microbial DNA is stabilized in the buffer for over 1 year at room temperature, unlike traditional methods that require freezing.

The robust sample tubes are fully transport tested to 95KPa to allow mailing and storage. Each tube contains a unique 1D bar and human readable code to enable accurate sample tracking. 

Below is a demonstration of how to use GeneFix DNA Saliva Collectors:

  • Stored at room temperature
  • Buffer instantly stabilizes sample for over 1 year
  • No trace DNA contamination 
  • Buffer prevents bacterial growth
  • Compatible with most downstream chemistries
  • Includes barcode for tracking
  • Saliva Microbiome DNA Collection
  • Saliva Microbiome DNA Stabilization
  • MFX-01/02 - 2 collectors
  • MFX-01/12 - 12 collectors
  • MFX-01/50 - 50 collectors

Each collector includes a tube pre-filled with microbiome DNA stabilization buffer, a cap, and a funnel.


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