StoolFix DNA Stabilization Buffer

3 Tubes (Cat# STF/S1/1/3)
Sales Price$21.00

Stabilize fecal microbiome DNA collected on DNA swabs for 2+ months.

StoolFix Gut Microbiome Collection and Stabilization buffer is fully optimized for fecal microbiome DNA. The kit includes tubes prefilled with 1ml of the buffer to minimize sample handling. Once the sample is collected on the DNA swab, the swab head is placed in the tube and the cap is sealed. The buffer stabilizes DNA for at least 2 months at room temperature. 

Isohelix SK-3S DNA Swabs are ideal for sample collection when using StoolFix. The swab matrix maximizes DNA yields, and the swab head is easily snapped off the shaft to be inserted into the pre-filled tube.


  • Protects DNA integrity for at least 2 months at room temperature
  • Minimized handling improves reliability and compliance
  • Ideal for at-home sampling
  • Tubes are well suited for transport
  • Automation friendly
  • Fecal microbiome DNA stabilization
  • STF/S1/1/3 - StoolFix tube pre-filled with 1ml stabilization buffer x 3
  • STF/S1/1/50 - StoolFix tube pre-filled with 1ml stabilization buffer x 50


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