Mobicol "F" with fixed outlet plug and 2 different screw caps, without filters

Cat#: M1050
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These incredibly versatile 1ml columns are an indispensable addition to every lab. They are compatible with sample sizes from small volumes to large volumes and can handle small or large wash buffer volumes as well. Mobicols can be used to make your own spin/affinity columns with the matrix of your choice. A variety of accessories are offered to customize Mobicols to your specific needs.
The M1050 Mobicol “F” is supplied with two screw caps (Luer-lock cap and screw cap) and a snap-off plug for the outlet. Small and large filters with different diameters and pore sizes (10 µm, 35 µm and 90 µm) are separately available. With these features, the Mobicol “F” can be used for a wide range of applications in affinity chromatography.
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  • Supplied with two screw caps (Luer-lock cap and screw cap) and a snap-off plug for the outlet
  • Can be closed tightly with screw cap and leak-proof plug for easy transportation
  • Can be used in flow-through mode or as spin column 
  • Useful for size exclusion or affinity purification 
  • Actual volume is 700 µl
  • Can be centrifuged in standard microcentrifuge
  • Autoclavable at 120°C (with filters at 110°C)
  • Compatible with laboratory standards
  • Smallest and largest volumes can be treated easily
  • Purification of tagged proteins
  • Purification of peptides
  • Purification of native proteins using immobilized IgG, NTP-binding proteins (e.g. kinases), amino acid binding proteins, beta-lactamase, Igase, peroxidase, EPO (erythropoetin), beta-galactosidase
  • Fractionation and purification of antibodies using protein A/G, immobilized epitopes, peptide matrix
  • Purification of glycoproteins and carbohydrates
  • Purification of fatty acids and fatty acid binding proteins
  • Whole mount embryo in situ hybridization
  • Affinity Chromatography
  • Mobicol "F" with fixed outlet plug and 2 different screw caps x 50
  • Filter insertion tools


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