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Aqua Reagents for DNA, RNA & Protein Extraction

Model Item Name- Price
2030MI AquaGenomic Solution, 30ml

1060 AquaPlasmid Solution, 60ml

5030 AquaRNA Solution, 30ml

80X0MT AquaPreserve Solution

6015 AquaBluer Solution, 15ml

1115 ProMelt Solution, 15ml

90XXMI ProSink Solution

3015 AquaPrecipi Solution, 15ml

4015 RBC Lysis Solution, 15ml

Aqua Reagents for DNA, RNA & Protein Extraction

These aqueous solution-based reagents are designed to preserve and extract DNA, RNA, and proteins from challenging specimens such as frozen whole blood, feces, and saliva. They may be used to streamline bio-specimen collection, transport, storage, and bio-analyte extraction without the need for additional extraction kits. Multiple protocols are included for different types of samples.
Several reagents are offered:
  • AquaGenomic - for genomic DNA extraction; 9 protocols provided for different types of specimen
  • AquaRNA - for concurrent DNA/RNA/protein extraction
  • AquaPlasmid - for plasmid DNA purification
  • AquaPreserve - for DNA/RNA/protein preservation and extraction from blood and other biospecimens
  • AquaBluer - for assaying cell viability, cell proliferation, and cytotoxicity


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