Broad-Host-Range Vector pBBR122

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pBBR122 is a cloning vector with very broad host-range maintenance. As opposed to other known broad-host-range vectors, it replicates at medium copy numbers and has a small size (5305 bp). This greatly facilitates genetic studies of a wide variety of Gram-negative bacteria and makes pBBR122 particularly interesting for studies of broad-host-range replicons.

pBBR122 has shown stable replication in all Gram-negative organisms that have been tested. pBBR122 was derived from pBBR1, which was isolated from Bordetella bronchiseptica S87. pBBR122 carries a nonfunctional copy of the mobilization gene and is therefore neither mobilizable nor conjugative. 

For a mobilizable vector created from pBBR122, see pBHR1.

  • Replicates at medium copy numbers and has a small size
  • Broad host-range maintenance
  • Cloning and gene expression in bacteria other than E. coli (mainly Gram-negative)
  • Studies of broad-host-range replicons
  • Studies of Gram-negative bacteria
  • Changing bacteria hosts
  • pBBR122 Broad Host Range Vector, lyophilized DNA, 5µg

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