Virus Transduction & Infection

These transfection reagents are dedicated to viral applications. They function by magnetofection, a method that associates cells with magnetic nanoparticles, or lipofection, a lipid-based, biochemical method. Reagents designed for specific viruses including Retroviruses, Lentiviruses and Adenoviruses are offered, as well as ViroMag for all viral vectors.

AdenoMag Viral Gene Delivery Reagent

100µl (Cat# AM70100)

Sales Price$180.00
Size & Format 
Sales Price$230.00

LipoMag Transfection Kit

250 Transfections (Cat# LM80250)

Sales Price$400.00
Size & Format 
Sales Price$181.00
Size & Format 

ViroMag Viral Gene Delivery Reagent

100µl (Cat# VM40100)

Sales Price$166.00
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Mag4C-Ad Kit

20 Captures (Cat# ATK11200)

Sales Price$213.00

Mag4C-LV Kit

20 Captures (Cat# LTK11200)

Sales Price$212.00