YesBlot Western Marker I

Cat#: WM1000
Sales Price$171.00

The WM1000 YesBlot Western Marker I is a ready-to-use mixture with ten IgG-binding proteins covering a wide range of molecular weights from 15 to 200 kDa in TrisGlycine buffer. YesBlot Western Marker I performs dual functions: 

  1. Contains 4 pre-stained proteins (10, 25, 45 and 70 kDa) for monitoring protein separation during SDSPAGE, verification of Western transfer efficiency on membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF, or nylon) and for approximating the protein size
  2. Ten IgG-binding proteins can be immuno-detected on film or by CCD imaging

YesBlot Western Marker I can be used with chemiluminescent, fluorescent, chromogenic and other detection systems. In addition, YesBlot Western Marker I has two reference bands with enhanced intensity (at 30 kDa and 80 kDa). The marker is supplied in the gel loading buffer and is ready to use. Do NOT heat, dilute, or add reducing agents before loading.


  • Band Number (Western Bands) - 10 
  • Band Number (Pre-stained Bands) - 4 
  • MW Range (Western Bands) - 15 - 200 kDa
  • MW Range (Pre-stained Bands) - 10 - 70 kDa
  • Pre-stained Band Color - Pink/Green/Blue


  • Ready-to-use - no need for mixing or heating before sample loading
  • Direct visualization - 10 IgG-binding proteins for direct visualization on western blots
  • Pre-stained bands - 4 pre-stained proteins for monitoring protein separation
  • Wide range - 10 clear bands from 15 to 200 kDa for size estimation
  • Quick reference - two enhanced bands (30 and 80 kDa)
  • Monitoring protein separation during SDSPAGE
  • Verification of Western transfer efficiency on membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF, or nylon) 
  • Approximating protein size
  • WM1000 YesBlot Western Marker I, 250 µl

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