Xpert cDNA Synthesis Supermix

Cat#: GK86.0100
NEW-GK86.0100 Xpert cDNA Synthesis Supermix
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100 Reactions
Special price valid through 5/5/2022

Trace amounts of contaminating genomic DNA (gDNA) in RNA preparations may lead to false positive signals, misjudgment of gene expression levels, and other significant issues. The effective removal of gDNA prior to cDNA synthesis is crucial to ensuring reliable results.

The new Xpert cDNA Synthesis Supermix provides fast, efficient method for the synthesis of high-quality, full-length (up to 8-10kb) first strand cDNA with excellent yields from purified poly(A)+ mRNA or total RNA templates. gDNA eraser is integrated for efficient elimination of any residual DNA (ssDNA, dsDNA, and plasmid DNA) from the RNA sample.

The Supermix is an optimized master mix containing a balanced concentration of oligo(dT) and random hexamer primers, dNTPs, and Xpert Reverse Transcriptase (RNase H-). With all of the  components included in one tube, the Supermix delivers excellent reproducibility, convenience, and reduced risk of handling errors.

The Supermix also contains GRiSP´s RNase inhibitor. This RNase inhibitor has an improved resistance to oxidation compared to human RNase inhibitors. Additionally, it is stable under very low concentrations of DTT, making it an excellent choice for RNA protection.


  • Fast, efficient cDNA synthesis
  • gDNA eraser eliminates residual DNA
  • Convenient one-tube format reduces handling errors and improves reproducibility
  • Thermostable at 50-80°C
  • Included RNase inhibitor has improved resistance to oxidation
  • cDNA Synthesis
  • Xpert cDNA Synthesis Supermix 5X, 400µl (100 Reactions)*
  • RNase-free water, 1ml

*Contains oligo(dT) and random hexamer primers, dNTPs, Xpert Reverse Transcriptase (RNase H-), and gDNA eraser

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