Xpert directXtract PCR Kit

80 Reactions (Cat# GE60.0080)
GE60 500x500 (002)
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Xpert Direct Xtract PCR Kit combines a simple but efficient DNA extraction method with direct amplification using Xpert Fast Hotstart DNA polymerase in an effective, quick, and easy-to-use manner.

Sample -> Lysis -> Direct amplification (all in ~1h15 min)

This kit can be used with a variety of samples, including whole blood, mouse tails, FTA-cards, and FFPE tissue, making it ideal for genotyping and screening. It eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly DNA purification methods.

DNA extraction is carried out in a single tube, without the need of multiple washing steps, therefore minimizing the risk of contamination. DNA is ready for PCR in only 15 minutes! Xpert Fast Hotstart DNA polymerase, with its extension rate of 4-8 kb/min, not only allows for fast PCR, but in combination with optimized buffer ensures high yield and sensitivity. Upon completion of PCR, the reaction is ready for direct loading onto an agarose gel without the need of adding loading buffer.

Compatible with samples from:
  • Mouse Tail: 1-2mm (approx. 5mg)
  • Mouse Ear Punch: 2-4mm2 (approx. 5mg)
  • Animal Tissue: 3-30mg
  • FFPE Tissue: 1 mm3 (or 2 mm2 of a 10 μm section)
  • Buccal Swab: 1 buccal swab
  • Blood (mammalian) 2 to 8μl of fresh blood (with EDTA as anti-coagulant)
  • FTA or Guthrie card: 2 mm2
  • Hair follicles: 1-10 follicles
Amplicon size: up to 5kb
Extension rate: 4-8kb per min
A Overhang: Yes
Hotstart: Yes
Storage at -20 at least one year. Not sensitive to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Quick and efficient lysis from a variety of samples in 15 minutes
  • Fast amplification using Xpert Fast Hotstart MasterMix, for direct loading on gel
  • Can be used with range of samples 
  • DNA Extraction in a single tube
  • Mimizes risk of contamination
  • High yield and sensitivity
  • Direct PCR
  • Mouse Genotyping
  • Genetic Screening
  • Multiplex PCR

GE60.0080 (80 reactions)

GE60.0480 (480 reactions)

GE60.1200 (1200 reactions)


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