AquaRNA Solution

Cat#: 5030
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AquaRNA Solution is a multifunctional aqueous reagent for DNA, RNA and protein extraction. This single solution will lyse the cells, inactivate degradative enzymes, and extract DNA, RNA and proteins.

DNA and RNA are recovered from the cell lysate by isopropanol precipitation, while proteins remain soluble in the AquaRNA-isopropanol solution and can be recovered by acetone precipitation or dialysis. AquaRNA enables concurrent isolation of DNA/RNA and proteins from the same specimen without using different DNA, RNA, and protein extraction kits.

Please note: Two specific extraction protocols require an additional reagent, purchased separately:

Warning: Do not swallow.


  • Recovers DNA, RNA and proteins concurrently from the same sample
  • Scalable to different sample sizes
  • Cost-effective; 300 minipreps per 30ml bottle
  • No phenol/chloroform
  • Separate protocols provided for cells and tissues
  • DNA, RNA and protein extraction
  • AquaRNA Solution, 30ml (300 minipreps)

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