Desalting MobiSpin Columns Pre-packed with Matrix

20 Purifications (Cat# SCO100)
Sales Price$70.00

Desalting MobiSpin Columns are designed for routine purification of nucleic acids from smaller contaminants. In comparison to traditional liquid chromatography, Desalting MobiSpin Column chromatography offers numerous advantages including improved recovery and efficiency, compatibility with laboratory standards, reproducible results, and easy handling.

Spin column chromatography combines the effectiveness of gel filtration with the speed of centrifugation. The novel silica resin of the Desalting MobiSpin Column is comprised of uniform microscopic beads of a porous, form-stable material. It allows the selective removal of molecules as small as NaCl. Unlike matrices with contrasting sepharcryl and sepharose resin, this new matrix material works without moisture expansion, improving purification efficiency. 

After adding MobiSpin Buffer for equilibration, the Desalting MobiSpin Columns are ready to use along with a microcentrifuge. Nucleic acids purified with these columns are well suited for use in many molecular biology experimental procedures, including sequencing, labeling, PCR, cloning, and in vitro transcription. The separation performance of the Desalting MobiSpin Columns has been vigorously tested with a wide range of nucleic acid fragments. Fragments of 100 bp or smaller showed an especially high improvement in recovery rate in comparison to conventional sepharcyl spin columns. For instance, with 75 bp sized fragments, recovery improved by over 20%. 

These columns are closed with a screw cap and include a 35 µm filter and fixed snap off plug. 


  • Compatible with laboratory standards
  • Columns are pre-packed and can be stored long term at room temperature
  • Easy handling
  • Desalting efficiency of over 90%
  • Improved recovery of small-sized nucleic acid fragments
  • No sample dilution
  • Reproducible results with simplified protocols
  • Sample loading and recovery in less than 3 minutes
  • Numerous samples can be processed simultaneously 
  • Purification of nucleic acids from small contaminants
SCO100 – 20 purifications
  • MobiSpin column pre-packed with matrix (dry) x 20
  • MobiSpin Buffer 10x (100 mM Tris/HCl pH 7.6; 10 mM EDTA), 2ml

SCO110 – 100 purifications

  • MobiSpin column pre-packed with matrix (dry) x 100
  • MobiSpin Buffer 10x (100 mM Tris/HCl pH 7.6; 10 mM EDTA), 10ml

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