MobiSpin S-Columns Pre-packed with Sephacryl HR Resin

S-200, 20 Columns (Cat# SCO200)
Sales Price$145.00

MobiSpin S-Columns pre-packed with S-200, S-300 and S-400 Sephacryl® HR matrices are designed for a wide variety of separation tasks such as nucleic acid purification.

These columns are easy to handle with reproducible results and a fast, simple procedure that can be completed in under 4 minutes. They function by the proven principle of size-exclusion chromatography. The columns combine the effectiveness of gel filtration with the speed of centrifugation. The pore size of the filled-in matrix determines which molecules are small enough to enter the pores of the matrix beads and which molecules are too large.

These columns are particularly suited for the removal of dNTPs, oligos, and salt and the removal of dye terminators or unincorporated labeled nucleotides from DNA labeling reactions.

The MobiSpin S-Columns are closed with a screw cap and the tip is a fixed snap-off plug.


  • Pre-packed with Sephacryl® HR resin and equilibrated in MobiSpin Buffer (10 mM Tris/HCl pH 7.6; 1 mM EDTA)
  • Sample purification can be completed in less than 4 minutes
  • Creates reproducible results with simplified protocols
  • Numerous samples can be processed simultaneously
  • No sample dilution
  • Compatible with laboratory standards
  • Nucleic acid purification
  • Removal of dNTPs, oligos, and salt
  • Removal of dye terminators or unincorporated labeled nucleotides from DNA labeling reactions
Cat# Matrix Number of Columns
SCO200 S-200 10
SCO210 S-200 100
SCO300 S-300 10
SCO310 S-300 100
SCO400 S-400 10
SCO410 S-400 100
SCO234 S-200, S-300, S-400 30 (10 of each matrix)

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