BuccalMag_DNA_Isolation_Kit_2.pngBoca Scientific is delighted to add InVitroNutrition Media to our extensive range of Cell Culture Media from Cell Culture Technologies. InVitroNutrition is based on chemically defined, customized human cell culture media.

This newly designed physiological media is ideal for maintenance of human-derived cells in human plasma-like nutrient mixtures, aiding in the investigation of cellular physiology mechanisms. This nutrient-enriched basal media includes several metabolites that are not present in the traditional cell culture media formulations (ex DMEM and RPMI 1640) and enables the fine-tuning of cell function and metabolism. To adapt to the levels present in physiological human plasma, InVitroNutrition is formulated without certain components such as glucose, TCA-cycle intermediates such as pyruvate, vitamins, phenol red, and more. InVitroNutriton is an excellent option for Cell Therapists and Cell Biologists researching in vitro nutrition, with the goal of researching nutritional demands of cells and the development of synthetic human cell culture environments. 

Learn more about InVitroNutrition Media. To see our list of customized InVitroNutrition media, click here.