InVitroNutrition Medium

500ml (Cat# IVN-500)
Bottle of InVitroNutrition
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InVitro Nutrition Media was developed by Cell Culture Technologies to allow researchers access to optimized in vitro nutrition for human derived cells.  The aim is to aid cell therapists, cell biologists and facilitate the study of nutritional demands of cells.  This media allows for the maintenance of human-derived cells in chemically defined human plasma-like nutrient mixtures. 

Based on the increasing number of requests for custom physiological media for human cells, we are offering InvitroNutrition to aid in in vitro nutritional demands of cells and the development of synthetic human cell culture environments. 

InVitroNutrition allows for the tuning of function and metabolism of human cancer cells. This media includes a number of metabolites that are not present in classic cell culture media such as Dulbecco's modified Eagle's medium (DMEM) and RPMI1640. Additionally, the concentration of amino acids and their derivatives, non-proteinogenic amino Acids, inorganic salts, trace elements, vitamins, and other components have been reduced and/or adapted to their respective physiological levels in human plasma. 

InVitroNutrition Media is also customizable. See the list of available synthetic custom media here


  • Ideal for cancer research, allows for tuning of function and metabolism of human cancer cells
  • Formulated without glucose, TCA-cycle intermediates (ex. pyruvate), vitamins, phenol red
  • Includes several metabolites not present in classic culture media 
  • Concentration of amino acids and their derivatives is reduced or adapted to their respective physiological levels in human plasma.
  • InVitro Nutrition Medium

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