multusWe are pleased to announce that Boca Scientific Inc. is adding Multus to our portfolio. Multus offers outstanding animal-free, serum-free growth supplements and attachment factors for the scale-up of cellular agriculture. Their mission is to make cultivated meat the affordable and sustainable choice for everyone. Multus products are next-generation growth media ingredients and formulations.

Proliferum® LSR is an FBS replacement which can be used for both primary and immortalized cell proliferation. With the key benefits of being serum-free, adaptation-free, achieve high performance and versatility across cell types and scaffolding materials over multiple passages.

One of the key ingredients commonly used in both the biopharmaceutical and cellular agriculture industries is Vitronectin. Multus produces recombinant human Vitronectin which can be used as an extracellular matrix (ECM) to promote cell proliferation and supports normal colony morphology for different cell types.

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