Buccalyse DNA Isolation Kit (50 reactions) with 50 Buccal Swabs

BEK-50/SK1 Kit with 50 SK-1S Buccal Swabs
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The BEK-50/SK1 and BEK-50/SK2 kits include 50 Isohelix buccal swabs and the Buccalyse Rapid Buccal Cell DNA Isolation Kit for 50 samples.  

Isohelix Buccal Swabs are an advanced version of buccal swabs that are designed for high-yield DNA retrieval and convenient transport. The swab is made of a special plastic material to prevent absorption of the cells into the matrix and features a unique "raised chevron" design for an increased yield. The shaft has a break point near the swab head to easily snap off the swab head.

Buccalyse DNA Isolation Kit includes one solution for a fast and simple one tube method for extracting DNA from buccal swabs. It has been specifically formulated for use with buccal swabs. In only 20 minutes, this kit provides PCR-ready DNA that does not require centrifugation.

This kit can be ordered with SK-1S or SK-2S buccal swabs. The two swab formats feature the same swab design but include a different size collection tubes.

  • SK-1S Swabs - packaged with a 5ml plastic collection tube and cap.
  • SK-2S Swabs - include a 2ml collection tube and special cap for faster processing in the isolation stage.


  • Easy to use, alternative to blood collection
  • Buccalyse DNA extraction kit produces 2 to 4µg average total yield from an adult
  • Simple one step, one tube DNA extraction method provides PCR-ready DNA in 20 minutes
  • 50 swabs included with 5ml or 2ml collection tube
  • Buccal swab DNA sample collection
  • Buccal swab DNA extraction
  • BEK-50/SK1 - Buccalyse solution, 20ml (50 reactions) with 50 SK-1S buccal swabs with 5ml collection tube and cap
  • BEK-50/SK2 - Buccalyse solution, 20ml (50 reactions) with 50 SK-2S buccal swabs with 2ml collection tube and special cap


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