DNA/RNA Buccal Swabs

The Isohelix range of DNA/RNA buccal swabs has been specifically designed to provide increased yields of high quality buccal cell and genomic DNA and all species of RNA. 

  • High yield buccal cell DNA/RNA collection
  • Unique swab matrix and quick release surface maximizes efficiency
  • Non-invasive alternative to blood collection
  • For human and veterinary use
  • Easy to handle and quick to use

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Formats for Every Application


With 5ml Collection Tube

With 2ml Collection Tube

Wrapped Individually

Wrapped in Pairs

With Reduced Width

With Stabilization Pouch

Multiple formats are available, all with the unique swab matrix, a breakpoint on the shaft for easy swab head removal, sterile single or twin packaging, and ethylene oxide treatment.

  • SK-1S - swabs with 5ml collection tubes, compatible with Dri-Capsules for long-term DNA stabilization
  • SK-2S - swabs with 2ml collection tubes with a special cap
  • SK-3S - swabs wrapped individually
  • SK-4S - swabs wrapped in pairs
  • MS-00 - mini swabs with reduced area for use with small animals; varieties with and without collection tubes
  • RD-01 - swabs with a RapiDri pouch for stabilization and transport

With the variety of Isohelix DNA/RNA buccal swabs, users can select the preferred format for their collection protocols and stabilization methods. 


Isohelix Mini Swabs

100 Swabs with 5ml Tube and Cap (Cat# MS-01)

Sales Price$226.00
Sales Price$609.00