Isohelix Dri-Capsules with SK-1S Swabs, 50/Pack

Cat#: SGC-50/SK1
Sales Price$297.00

The SGC-50/SK1 kit includes 50 SK-1S buccal swabs and 50 Dri-Capsules for efficient DNA collection and stabilization

SK-1S swabs are specially designed for maximum DNA yields due to a unique swab matrix and quick release surface. Each SK-1S buccal swab is packaged with a 5ml plastic collection tube and cap. The shaft has a break point near the swab head to easily snap off the swab head into the 5ml tube.

Dri-Capsules conveniently stabilize DNA on SK-1S swabs for over 3 years at room temperature. After obtaining the sample, the capsule is inserted into the 5ml collection tube along with the used swab head and the tube is sealed with the provided cap. The capsules have a non-toxic coating containing a high-grade silica gel with a color indicator to display continued active stabilization. 

Below is a demonstration of how to use the SK-1S swabs and Dri-Capsules:

  • SK-1S swabs include collection tube
  • Dri-capsules stabilize DNA at room temperature for over 3 years
  • Alternative to blood collection
  • Ideal for remote and field sample collection
  • Buccal swab DNA sample collection
  • Buccal swab DNA sample stabilization
  • SK-1S swabs with 5ml collection tube and cap x 50
  • Dri-Capsules x 50


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