Buccal-Prep Plus DNA Isolation Kit

3 Reactions (Cat# BPP-03)
Sales Price$51.00

The Buccal-Prep Plus DNA Isolation Kit is a precipitation-based kit combining all the necessary optimized buffers to fully lyse and simply purify DNA from Buccal swabs.

The kit has a fast protocol that produces high yields and purity for all downstream processing applications. As with our other precipitation-based chemistries, no solvents, alcohol, or other external buffers are required, giving fewer processing steps and creating a faster process time.

  • Optimized chemistry for the highest purities
  • Includes lysis and stabilization buffers
  • High purity values as measured by A260/280
  • High yields of intact DNA with negligible RNA
  • Fast, simple protocol
  • DNA isolation from buccal swabs
  • Research Use Only
  • BPP-03 - 3 reactions (Trial Size)
  • BPP-50 - 50 reactions
Kit Contents:
  • Proteinase K
  • Solution BP (DNA Precipitation buffer)
  • Solution TE
  • Solution BLS (Lysis and Stabilization buffer)
  • DNA Rehydration buffer


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